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"Tristan has been an amazing resource helping me build a much deeper understanding of what I play, teaching me new ways to play, and helping me (finally!) to read music" -Paul F

Do any of the following resonate with you?

"I'm bored on the guitar, everything sounds the same."

"How are others progressing faster than me?"

"I've been feeling stuck in my guitar playing!"

"Why doesn't it sound as good as the recording?"

I found myself feeling all of these ways during my guitar journey. Many teachers offered quick fixes, like a new scale or new technique. I'd find some temporary joy in buying new gear. 


It still felt like I was trying to stay engaged in a conversation without knowing the language.


The Heart Method is how I finally started learning the language and became my own teacher in an art form that now feels infinite, exciting, and expressive. 

The Heart Music Method


earing and Active Listening
xhilerated by Sound, Excited By Songs
eal Music, Rhythm First
uditory Imitation
each a student to fish

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Chat About Your Goals in a 15min phone consultation!

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One 60min Coaching Session/Week

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One 45min Coaching Session

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Two 45min Coaching Sessions/Week (set of 8)

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