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Tristan Jantz plays a stratocaster style electric guitar at the Made In America Festival in Philadelphia for Becca Hannah. He wears a black t-shirt, green cargo pants, and sunglasses.
"Tristan is insatiably dedicated to the craft of guitar playing, while also striving to create music that ascends beyond the confines of an instrument. His music is an amalgamation of many styles, reinvented as a uniquely spiritual statement."  

Tristan Jantz is a Los Angeles based performer, producer, songwriter, and educator. He specializes in engaging listeners with emotion and storytelling, be it through lyrics, harmony, production, or improvisation.  Tristan’s original songs and collaborations  have been streamed over 130k times from Spotify listeners around the globe. On Youtube, his channel, Guitar By Ear, has garnered over 250k views since its inception during the pandemic. 


An in-demand guitar accompanist and co-writer for top level vocalists like Becca Hannah and Kaeleigh Spreen, Tristan enjoys helping singers sound their best through tasteful guitar choices that highlight their unique strengths and support them in reaching for new heights.


In September 2022, Tristan acted as music director, stage manager, guitarist, and back-up singer for Becca Hannah at Roc Nation’s Made In America Festival in Philadelphia. Pulling together the right people for the job, organizing rehearsals, and enabling the artist (Becca Hannah) to be ready musically and mentally to put on their best show is something he finds deeply rewarding. 

An experienced session guitarist, Tristan spends much of his time participating in both live and remote recording. Tristan co-engineered and co-produced his single  “Scene of The Crime” and Becca Hannah’s single “Giddy (Emerald Eyes).” He also served as the music director, guitarist, and co-producer for Len Abram’s single “Distracted By You.” 

Before attending Berklee College of Music, Tristan began offering private guitar lessons and voice lessons in the Greater Boston area. Helping adults and children, beginner through advanced,  find their sound and self-expression through music is one of his deepest passions. In 2019, Tristan graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berklee with his Bachelor’s in Guitar Performance, and continued to grow his teaching studio and performance resumé in Boston. 

Tristan is the founder of the Heart Music Method, which was heavily inspired by his mentor and teacher, jazz guitarist Richie Hart. HMM, is about learning music as a language, and teaching students how to teach themselves directly from the source: their favorite music.

Now based in LA, Tristan continues to perform, write, record, and grow the Heart Music Method. He maintains a selective roster of 1-On-1 online guitar coaching clients from around the globe.

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